Picture from the files of Stanley Woods.
Pictured above are Councilman Terry Parsons, Council Vice President Ted Rakes, Councilwoman Betty Money Spry, Council President Don Bias, and Councilman Danny Pelfrey being sworn in by the Honorable Steven G. Jordan while Mayor Ric Griffith looks on.

The City Council invites all of its citizens to participate in our government. We serve our citizens with pride and knowledge of our laws, and we work under a "Strong Mayor" form of city management. You may view our City Charter and City Ordinances to better understand your rights. We listen to your ideas at our Agenda Meeting held the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm. On the following Thursday of each month at 7:30pm, we act on that agenda at another Council Meeting. Please support us in our efforts to make Kenova the best city in West Virginia.

You may request to be placed on the Agenda by contacting the City Clerk via e-mail, calling 304.453.1571, or attending the Agenda Meeting. Council CANNOT accept request via their e-mail. Requests can only be made through the City Clerk.

Debra "Dee" Price represents the City of Kenova as its Attorney, a position in which she has served since 2002.

Please contact her via e-mail here